About us (English)

Who are we?
We are a collective who works for the closing of the Foreigners' Internment Centers, the end of forced deportations and the abolition of the Foreign Law of Spain (LOEX), and of the entire racist and patriarchal legal framework.
We consider the Foreigners' Internment Centers (also CIEs) as the spearhead of a violent and racist immigration policy, which discriminates people by their origin or ethnicity, forces deportations, and does numerous actions of institutional violence that attack directly to the live of thousands of people.We are coordinated with similar collectives from all around the State of Spain, with a State Campaign called Campaña Estatal por el Cierre de los CIES.

How we started?Idrissa Diallo's death on the night of the kings of 2012 while he was in the CIE was the trigged for the Tanquem els CIE's creation.Before using those centers, the police station of La Verneda (a neighborhood of Barcelona) played the role of the CIE, so there were already people who denounced its existence.From the beginning, the CIE Closing Campaign has always been made up of people from different backgrounds and trends. Tanquem els CIE doesn’t get or receive any type of subsidy.

What we do?Make the CIEs and the whole network of the border system visible to the population
Follow the routine of people closed inside the CIE and report the continuous violations of their rights: abuses, administrative irregularities...
→ Work to improve the live conditions inside of them
Investigate and report the deportation mechanisms, in particular the express deportations (carried out from the police station, within a maximum of 72 hours and without any legal guarantee).
Report the economic interests hidden behind the deportation business (from FRONTEX and the transport companies).
→ Critic the social idea of security and borders
Support all initiatives that work against racism, colonialism and patriarchy.

Here you will find a list of the most important events in our history: Chronology